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Behind the Scenes EXPEDITION UNKNOWN DB Cooper TV episode



DB Cooper, Step Out Of The Shadow; A unique and highly plausible theory of how “DB Cooper” survived the skyjacking and eluded law enforcement for over 45 years. The theory is based upon him being an experienced military parachutist and conducting the skyjacking as a military operation. This unique theory inspired an episode of EXPEDITION UNKNOWN, which aired during 2017 on the TRAVEL CHANNEL. Also, included separately is “behind the scenes” information regarding the author’s participation in the filming of the TV episode. The author is both a former military parachutist as well as a retired FBI Special Agent. He addresses how “DB Cooper” easily created a diversion by faking the parachute jump over Washington state. This resulted in law enforcement authorities looking in the wrong location since 1971. He most likely parachuted while the airliner was approaching the airport in Reno, Nevada. The article addresses how the parachute jump was survivable and how most of the money was likely spent overseas, where it could not be tracked by the US government.

Updated: DB Cooper; Step Out Of The Shadow; updated Oct 2016

Behind the Scenes EXPEDITION UNKNOWN DB Cooper TV episode

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